Friday, March 05, 2010

Small town Taliban

Welcome to Amarillo, Texas.

Into polyamorous adventures? Well, they're not for everyone. What about trick-or-treating with your kids on Hallowe'en?

Beware the Army of God (no link here, but you can get there from mine, if you must). They're out to get you.

Funny: I was just reminiscing with an old friend about our common days of Left activism. I was excoriating the Stalinist tendency, when and where it arises. But I was too narrow in my focus. That sick, self-righteous, blinkered, judgmental, power-tripping and punitive mentality is human. It must be resisted when and where it appears. It will make us extinct before global warming, before peak oil, before terrorism.

Try to imagine the mindset of people who engage in this fundamentally corrupt activity. It's important that we try. Because they are ordinary people. Like us.

[H/t James Bow, b/c and here]

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