Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mr. Iacobucci...

...your opinion isn't worth a pinch.

The terms of reference ask Iacobucci to determine whether the contents of the documents could pose a risk to Canada's international relations, national defence or national security, and to examine the question of whether the dangers in releasing them would be outweighed by the public interest.

Parliament decides these things--you know, the elected representatives of Canadians. Not, with respect, some ex-judge appointed by the Prime Minister. If Parliament had consulted you as an expert, that might have been different. But it had no say in the matter.

Hang in there, Derek Lee. Hang in there, NDP. This farce can't be permitted to continue.

It's a lot bigger than the Afghan detainee issue now. Parliamentary supremacy is at stake. Canadians don't need Iacobucci or any other Harper hireling telling Parliament how much democracy it will henceforward be permitted to have

When he actually sat on the bench and had the power to make rulings, we might have politely suggested that Mr. Justice Iacobucci recuse himself. Now that he's just a citizen like us, how does "go away" sound?

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