Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kiss me, Kate

Aw heck, it's Christmas shopping week, and blogging is necessarily light. I must needs fall back, therefore, on that old standby, internecine blogospheric contention.

Kate McMillan, of Small Dead Animals, sends me a threatening note:

Without prejudice

Via google alerts, as I don't actually read your site:

"I've already noted Best Blogger Kate McMillan's approving reference yesterday to the murder of journalists..."

You'd better find evidence of my "approval" pretty damned quickly or retract that statement.


To which I responded:

Re: Without prejudice

Hey, Merry Christmas, Kate!

The reference is here:


That post, its title and the many comments that you permitted, make the
inference plain. I shall plead fair comment if you really want to go to war
over this.

Your comments at my place are always welcome.


And then, for the hell of it:


Sorry, Kate, forgot to add: when will you be issuing a retraction for this?


"Terrorist sympathizer," eh?

I won't if you won't.


An end-of-year confession, though: the truth is, I can't help liking the sheer brass of this bike-drivin', go-kart-paintin', dog-breedin', deer-huntin' momma. There, I said it. Sarah Palin with a brain. Lucky for all of us progs that she isn't in politics.

Anyway, let the chips fall where they may. I promise not to install a Pay-Pal button. :)

UPDATE: Kate bites back:

I have to say I now wonder why anyone on the right gave you so much as a passing snort when your wife passed away. I know I certainly regret it now. I had assumed you were a human being.


Cossack Sietch of Mitchieville said...

There is some great material in those comments, Doctor Dawg.

It gave me lots of ideas. And I am sure that it was entertaining to the myriad (that is ten legions) of fanatics whose intellectual life consists of reading that particular view-point usually while in some climate controled basement bunker, equipped with gas warfare kit.

It would take you twenty-five years of telemarketing full time to call them all, to contact them all once, on the phone.

They are many.

Correspondingly, they also have more votes than you, not to mention belt fed weapons, time pencils fuses, and thermobaric weapons. Well, thats hyperbole. Maybe only a fraction of the myriad have thermobaric weapon delivery systems. More likely they are the thoughtful, socially responsible biker drug lord type.

And now you quibble.

On your side, you have cabernet sauvignon.

Really, sir, a Gentleman does not argue with a woman.

exile said...

I have never understood your soft spot for this woman. That last comment of hers was unbelievable.

Be careful said...

You know what is said about fighting monsters, Doc.