Monday, December 07, 2009

Death of a Sceptic

My father passed away last week. He was somewhat of a sceptic. I probably could have changed his mind but we found it much more interesting to discuss our jobs (his old, mine ongoing), and my children.

Dad was a financial person who seemed to lean more towards the conservative side of things, however he was always sensible and I appreciated his devotion to the truth and I loved his sense of humour. I remember during the Bush administration he said that the White House needed some Republicans. After seeing the look on my face, he continued "I mean real Republicans, not the idiots they have in the White House these days". His commitment to his work, his community and his family are all well remembered and he will be badly missed.

I think that while he was a sceptic, Dad would have appreciated the
effort to see what was really happening to this world just in case he was wrong since the implications for his grandchildren are enormous.

Consequently I would like to honour Dad by dedicating the very first annual Dawg’s Blawg Climate Prediction Contest to him. Details of the contest will follow in another post.

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