Monday, December 21, 2009

And the Winner Is!!!

The posting from my end has been a little light - life has been interfering. Thought provoking discussion outsourced to Eli Rabett for today.

However there is one housekeeping item that needs to be announced! That is the winner of the first ever annual Dawg's Blawg climate prediction contest. It was a tough fight but Catelli and Lenny both were spot on for the December - November prediction, and were both only 2 hundredths of a degree off for the November prediction. So as stipulated in the rules, the winner is Catelli, who posted 2 hours ahead of Lenny (sorry Lenny, but in my opinion that still qualifies you as having bragging rights, you just won't be able to brag while sipping from your pirate's mug).

A very big thank you to all who entered.

Catelli, can you please contact me at john dot croix at hotmail dot com.

Now I can start to set up next years. Does anyone have any ideas about the next one?

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