Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Assisted suicide? No way, says NDP

I'm talking politically, of course. Michael Ignatieff is pushing a non-confidence vote this Thursday in the Commons just as Canadians are expressing their own non-confidence in him and his party.
(Beset by internal problems, the Liberals are continuing to toboggan rapidly downhill in the polls.)

So what's up? Is this a desperate act of political machismo? Or is it a vote Ignatieff knows will go nowhere, giving him the luxury of being able to save his own hide while railing against his NDP benefactors?

In any case, word has it that the NDP may be taking the advice I offered a few days ago, but one way or the other, they will not be supporting the motion.
And this should be welcome news, not only for those with qualms about assisted suicide, but for the unemployed and, I suggest, the Liberal rank-and-file as well. They can read the sad poll numbers like anyone else, after all, and the untimely Quebec imbroglio has likely not improved their mood.

The NDP, supporting the Harper government? Nope. Doing their level best to prevent a Harper majority, in fact, while the Liberals continue to play chicken against all the odds.

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