Thursday, October 01, 2009

Suaad Hagi Mohamud: QOTW

"Not being able to recall the name of Lake Ontario doesn’t make you a criminal. Let’s be fair, a few years ago, the Minister of International Trade couldn’t even tell you which way the Niagara River flowed." --Dan McTeague, Liberal consular affairs critic

UPDATE: The Conservative government continues its campaign of vilification against Mohamud, releasing tantalizing little bits of selected information, like manna from heaven for people like this. (The Canadian Border Security Agency's report that concluded she was impersonating herself is apparently being withheld.)

Meanwhile, Radio-Canada has obtained documents that tell
a sordid tale, one in which manipulating the media became the government's main priority in the case, while High Commission officials were hoping all along that the Kenyans would take care of their problem for them. Here's Babelfish, for those who need it.

[H/t deBeauxOs]

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