Saturday, October 31, 2009

Come on, Mr. Fadden

There's a new sheriff in town. Fake leftist Terry Glavin ("Transmontanus") cites this dinosaur with respect--quite in keeping with his role as the policeman's friend. But he does capture the money-quote from the just-appointed boss of CSIS,
Richard B. Fadden:

Why then, I ask, are those accused of terrorist offences often portrayed in media as quasi-folk heroes, despite the harsh statements of numerous judges? Why are they always photographed with their children, given tender-hearted profiles, and more or less taken at their word when they accuse CSIS or other government agencies of abusing them? It sometimes seems that to be accused of having terrorist connections in Canada has become a status symbol, a badge of courage in the struggle against the real enemy, which apparently is government.

Fadden identifies no one by name, although elsewhere he refers to the Toronto 18. Certainly--let's admit it--those of us who saw this motley crew as a Muslim version of the Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight underestimated the dangers that even the naive and the not-so-bright can cause.

But pay careful attention to one word in the above: "accused."

Of course, Fadden hastens to assure us:
“I … am not arguing that those accused of offences should be portrayed as guilty. In fact, a more balanced presentation is what I am hoping for.”

The problem is that I can recall no media images of any of the convicted Toronto terrorists posing with their children. (Readers are invited to link to any that they know of, but I've had a pretty good look around.) And that for me raises the question: to whom is Fadden specifically referring? Surely not the people recently given breaks in the Canadian courts by judges who have excoriated CSIS for its dubious tactics? "Harsh statements of numerous judges," indeed.

Come on, Fadden--name names. Then we might have something worth discussing. Until then, all we have is your innuendo, not only against those who have not been proven guilty of anything, but against all decent Canadians who have stood up, time and again, against arbitrary treatment and trial by implication. Hardly a good start to refurbishing the image of your frankly out-of-control organization.


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