Wednesday, October 07, 2009

And please extend a hearty welcome John Cross, our newest co-blogger, a man whose legendary politesse and scientific erudition adds considerable lustre to this blog. If I may say so, he's quite a catch.

John's "beat" is anthropogenic global warming (AGW), although he is entirely free to write about any subject that interests him.

In his own words:

John Cross is a scientist at heart but an engineer by trade. He knows very little about politics but actively follows a number of political blogs from all sides of the spectrum. He plans to post mostly about global warming but he may post on other topics on occasion.

Full disclosure: he is in no way related to the climate industry and is not affiliated with any political party. Opinions expressed by him are not necessarily that of Dr. Dawg or Marie Ève and in fact are probably not opinions at all.

Parlour's open, as always, to deniers and sceptics.

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