Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Obama's literary Ayers and graces

Kate McMillan discovers that "gullible" isn't in the dictionary.

Her readers should check for themselves while Kate is getting some obviously well-needed sleep.

Here's a more amusing read on the subject, by conspiracy theorist Jack Cashill. Supposedly Bill Ayers uses nautical imagery in Fugitive Days because he was once a merchant seaman. How is it, then, that Obama uses it in Dreams from my Father? Aha! The author, without a trace of reflection, notes that he never once used sea-imagery in his own memoir, Sucker Punch, "yet I have spent a good chunk of every summer of my life at the ocean." So if Barack Obama, a Chicago landlubber, uses it, someone else
must definitely have ghosted his autobiography. The leaps in logic here would do a premier danseur proud.

Keep it up, folks. I have a lot more popcorn here.


UPDATE: Reader Kevin notes that Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is less than impressed. But apparently he's lost right-wing street cred.

UPPERDATE: Heh. Kate's got company.

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