Sunday, November 25, 2007

Faster, RCMP! Kill! Kill!

A new victim. More RCMP probes.

Robert Thurston Knipstrom. Robert Dziekanski. Ian Bush. Ryan Snopek. Kevin St. Arnaud. Dennis St.Paul. Gurmeet Sandhu. More: Paul Saulnier. Jason Doan. Kevin Geldart. Clark Whitehouse. Clay Willey. Terrance Hanna.


Four RCMP in-custody deaths in one province (BC), in August of this year alone.

More investigations. More inquiries.

The outcomes? Not positive, if past experience is anything to go by. But one thing is certain. There will be more deaths in the future.

Maintiens Le Droit.
Uphold the law. But whose law? And whose police?

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