Saturday, November 17, 2007

Double standards

Why is it that a civilian involved with the police is invariably named in the media, but the Horsemen who killed Robert Dziekanski have been allowed their perfect anonymity--while remaining on active duty? Shouldn't the travelling public at the Vancouver airport know whom and what they're dealing with? What about that "right to know" the media are always going on about? Did it vanish into thin air?

Anyone with information, please email me:

In the meantime (and what took them so long?) media apologists for the cops are beginning to appear. Nice.

And Kate blames the Liberals.

UPDATE: (November 17)

The officers have been reassigned. The new RCMP boss, same as the old boss, it seems, is concerned about growing public "misperceptions." So, whom do we believe--Commissioner William Elliott, or our lying eyes?

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