Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our Adolf

"Harper = Hitler." Unacceptable. Over the top when progressives do it; surely even worse when Tories do it!

The photograph above is of two Tory agentes provocatrices at the anti-prorogue demo in Winnipeg yesterday, taken by
an agent provocateur. For your delectation, here are the straight goods, from a student at the University of Manitoba:

Hey guys, I attended the rally in Winnipeg today. Very impressive. Great organization. But one thing really got to me.

I was enjoying the speeches today, and I noticed someone I know to be a big Tory supporter and a member of the University of Manitoba Campus Conservatives observing the event, and taking pictures. I figured he was trying to get pictures of radical signs and what not to malign the protestors, but that didn't bother me much. It's his right to be there and observe.

Anyways, I got back to watching the speeches and noticed that this Tory had climbed the fire escape of the University of Winnipeg building to get a better view, and I noticed he motioned at people beyond where I was to come forward or come into view. So I turned around and saw some people wearing masks, coming forward, and one of them was carrying a sign that said, I kid you not, in big letters, "Harper = Hitler."

I thought no, there's no way, this Tory guy would go to these lengths to get these people to come to the rally to make the people there look bad, and radical. I couldn't tell for sure that he had motioned at these specific people. So I went back to watching the speeches and what not. But as the speeches were winding down I turned around again, and what do I see? I see the Tory guy getting together with the masked people. He took the Hitler sign and walked away with the phony radicals!

I was pretty angry to see that garbage. So I chased him down and called him out about it. It is disgusting to see such a horrific historical character as Adolf Hitler used in this surreptitious and disgusting way. I imagine the victims of Hitler's genocidal actions in Poland, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, and elsewhere would be appalled.

Those of us at the rally oppose Stephen Harper's latest maneuvers but the overwhelming majority of us would never make such an obscene comparison.

I know a lot of Tories. Many of whom are some of the nicest people I know. It's too bad their reputation will be marred by this event.


Needless to say, the pic, prominently displaying a spelling error as well for the riffraff to mock, has been duly seeded on the right side of the blogosphere. Award-winning blogger Kate McMillan is on the job, spreading the hoax widely, although to be fair she might have been duped. (Turnabout is fair play.) The huffing and puffing from the Usual Suspects is, in any case, something to behold.

Similar signs were, reportedly, seen at other protest sites as well. I think we might be forgiven, at this point, for suspecting that the balaclava-clad Winnipeg infiltrators were not the only ringers in the festive Saturday crowds.

[H/t Scott Tribe and Canadian Sentinel]

UPDATE: Now there's a Facebook group, calling them out. Join!

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Paladiea said...


Are you really going to go there? Progressives are incivil? REALLY? Wow. I suggest you visit Kathy Shaidles blog or Kate's first and call them out before you dare come here. How about Wendy Sullivan?

Hypocrisy, thy name is conservative.