Wednesday, October 14, 2009

January 4, 1999--October 14, 2009

Our high-maintenance, independent, sometimes maddening, always loving and trusting dog Faro, the centre of our household, passed away early this morning.

A savage, fast-moving acute pancreatitis seized him on the weekend and played havoc with his insides. He had
surgery last evening and compassionate, attentive treatment at the Alta Vista Animal Hospital, where the medical team struggled to manage the widespread inflammation and the terrible pain that accompanied it. They thought he was improving overnight, but the fight was too much for our brave little dog, and his heart stopped a little before 5:00 am.

Goodbye, Faro, my dear old friend. The house feels truly empty without you.

UPDATE: (October 14) Many, many thanks to those who have commented here,
on Twitter and privately about the loss of my "person of fur" (a phrase I shall always treasure, psa, prompting my first smile in a couple of days). Your messages of friendship are comforting and deeply appreciated.

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