Saturday, October 03, 2009

The case of the ransom-note lawyer

Dentist, real estate agent, sometime attorney and fulltime nutjob Orly Taitz, doyenne of the Birther movement, is continuing to plummet into her self-dug pit of madness. Those of us who like a little Schadenfreude with our morning coffee know that she's Really Going To Get It. It's just a matter of time, and the hour grows deliciously nigh.

Readers may remember that yet another of her bizarre lawsuits--to enjoin the deployment of a soldier to Iraq on the grounds that the Commander-in-Chief is a Kenyan--was recently thrown out of court in a no-minced-words judicial smackdown.

The judge, one Clay Land, told her to just stop it, or he'd fine her butt. She didn't stop. She publicly denounced him as a traitor, filed a nuisance motion, was ordered before him to show cause why she shouldn't have to hand over $10K to the court, and has now filed another motion--to have him recused.

The best part is that the motion was self-plagiarized (the link is to an excellent site, by the way), the sort of cut-and-paste they no doubt teach you on the first day of class at Happy Joe's Law, Real Estate and Dentistry Emporium.

As I said--I can't wait.

[H/t Chet Scoville]

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