Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ottawa mayoralty race: Lyin' O'Brien?

"Lawn signs? We don't need no steenkin' lawn signs!"

UPDATE: Could reader Craig be right--that these are recycled from O'Brien's first campaign? Note the word "elect" rather than "re-elect." Given the letters to the Ottawa Citizen on the subject, though, one might have expected such a clarification, were it available. (Craig also saw a solitary "Doucet" sign--reports of any others would be welcome. Fair's fair.)


Craig said...

I saw a Clive Doucet sign--along Riverside?--tonight as well. All of the O'Brien signs are clearly modified at the bottom; a few inches have been cut off.

stageleft said...

No surprise, he is after all a politician.

That said I wish all candidates at all levels would leave off this ridiculous practice of visual pollution. What candidate can say that having a "VOTE FOR ME" sign on more lawns and traffic medians than another candidate actually made any difference in putting them over the electoral fence and into their political chair?