Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Awso Peshdary is a suspected terrorist. No, wait a minute, he's not. Or is he?

The "fourth man" in the Ottawa terrorism case is not actually being held for terrorism. Instead, he's been charged with domestic assault and uttering threats, based upon evidence obtained from microphones hidden in his house for six months. When two charges were insufficient to keep him locked up, the police quickly piled on a couple more. He's now behind bars without bail.

Meanwhile, it seems that his wife doesn't want to play ball with the authorities, and so her new baby has been taken away by the police and handed over to Children's Aid. This was the subject of a story in today's Globe & Mail, but the on-line version has now mysteriously disappeared down the memory hole.

As reported, however, in the print version of the Globe:

His wife says that when she went to see him on the day of his arrest, she was grilled by police and her six-month-old baby was seized as a child in need of state protection.

The article mentions a blogged interview with her, presumably this one. If there is even a grain of truth in this account, which is not free of inaccuracy, the Ottawa Police and the RCMP have a good deal to answer for.

In other news, the on-again off-again Swedish prosecutors have re-opened their "case" against Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks. Anyone failing
to notice the smell in both countries at this point must have been born without a nose.

UPDATE: Curiouser and curiouser. The other account has been disappeared due to a "publication ban." Strange, that:

Assistant Crown Attorney Julie Scott said Tuesday she will seek Peshdary's continued incarceration but will not ask for a publication ban at his bail hearing. Morris said outside the Ottawa courthouse that anyone whose home had been bugged with microphones for six months might expect to be embarrassed if recordings were made public but otherwise he said he welcomes the move.

What publication ban? Anyone?

UPPERDATE: The interwebz never forget. Thanks to readers TJC and Todd for locating the deep-sixed articles.

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