Monday, July 19, 2010

Sandra Finley vs the census

Further to this post asking why Warren Kinsella got "an exemption" from filling in the long-form census while Sandra Finley got charged under federal law with non-compliance and is facing a $500 fine and three months in jail when her trial resumes in September ...

Finley has written an email to Kinsella which he has posted on his blog :
RE: Census. You didn’t – I DID get charged by StatsCan and am on trial
Kinsella also provides a link to the very interesting correspondence between Finley and the now retired StatsCan Chief Statistician Ivan Felligi, who steadfastly refuses to answer her objection to the census :

"I refused to cooperate with the census because of the out-sourcing of census work to Lockheed Martin Corp (American military) ... Furthermore, not once in my communications with the Government have I mentioned concerns about the confidentiality of information."

The Cons having just announced a $9-billion dollar deal to buy 65 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin, I somehow don't see them taking up her cause here when they convene their emergency federal industry committee meetings on the 2011 census (and to be fair, Finley's objection is not restricted to the long-form). But someone should. She is willing to comply with a government census; she is just not willing to comply with one outsourced to an industry she objects to. While I might personally support the census long and short, I feel there should be some sort of conscientious objector status available to any citizen who objects to what amounts to the outsourcing of citizenship requirements to private industry.

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