Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Islamist-conservative alliance

...confirmed. One must admire David Warren's candour:

Given the contrast between the modest demeanour of many young immigrant Muslim women, with their heads covered and their strollers full of babies -- and that of so many "native" young western women, childless but provocatively half-naked under the summer sun -- I have sometimes myself wondered which side I am on.

Not surprising, really. The strident and foolish accusations of an alleged "Islamist-Left" convergence have always been lies, pure and simple. It's not the Left that attacks gays, supports capital punishment, oppresses women, enjoys the notion of endless warfare, and favours long prison sentences and the lash.

The only real differences I can see between some social conservatives and their Islamist brethren, in fact, are pork and alcohol.

UPDATE: (h/t reader Todd)

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