Sunday, July 04, 2010

Civil liberties: abridged edition*

*"I know that some folks feel that their rights have been abridged, and there are avenues available to them and I would encourage them to pursue any remedies that are available to them through those avenues." --Dalton McGuinty

Having been pursued down avenues themselves, I wish them all good hunting. For those who want to help with the resuscitation of civil liberties in Ontario, please visit the Canadian Civil Liberties Association website and sign the petition.

This isn't properly ceremonial, by the way, but let me take this opportunity to announce that both Alison and Balbulican have agreed to stay on as co-bloggers after I get my thesis wrestled to the ground. I'm honoured to have their wit and wisdom here on an indeterminate basis. Please give them the hearty welcome they deserve.

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