Friday, October 24, 2008

When bottom-feeders attack

I normally ignore the likes of Dick Evans--a fellow who, for a while, took it upon himself to direct traffic to a boy-rape site. But when he squirms over to a combox here or there to take me on, well...

This core of dialogue at the Western Standard Shotgun blog will give you the measure of his intelligence and reading ability.

Evans: - Steyn gets nailed. Lefties dance in the streets. Once again the righties warn the lefties about their caviler [sic] attitude because the same thing can happen to them. Once again the lefties ignore the warning.

- Steyn gets declared innocent. Lefties piss and moan that he should have been crucified and that Canada's hate speech laws aren't strong enough.

DD: "Lefties piss and moan that [Steyn} should have been crucified and that Canada's hate speech laws aren't strong enough."

Name one, liar.

Evans: Dawggie sez: "Name one, liar."

Ok. Here's one:

DD: Dick can't read.

Here is the very first thing Stageleft says:

"The Bunker congratulates Mr. Steyn, and are very pleased with the decision of the BC Human Rights Tribunal. There are several reasons, but here are three.

"1) It’s the right decision. Steyn is one of the more articulate folks making money by mining American fear and xenophobia these days (and cultivating a slightly less profitable peripheral market among weak-minded Canadians), but the Macleans article that started this whole ludicrous circus was no more than mildly racist, mock-populist taunting. It wasn’t hate literature."


Evans: Dawggie sez: "Dick can't read."

You're being misleading again dawggie. I linked to a specific comment. Go and read it.

I hope my readers will follow Dick's link to see this for themselves. Name "Pete Vere" ring a bell?

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