Thursday, October 02, 2008

Media conspirators made Harper gay

...and other tales from the crypt. Paranoia can be downright funny

Is it me, or does the Harper translator sound gay?? (Not that there is anything wrong with that)Yet, the Dion translator sounds scottish. I'm sure this was deliberate.

This format sucks. The C.B.C. is working overtime to protect Dion. 1st by giving him a big manly voice. 2nd by having no order in this debate everyone talking at once. Probably had a heads up on the questions. Finally, by putting the english debate up against the vice-president debate with hopes nobody watches. They know if too many people see him it will send his #'s lower.

By the way,isn't it grand that the french debate is first,pandering to the electorate of la belle province as usual,what a country.

I have to second the comment by anon (9:15) about Harper's translator. Oddly, in the last election debate several years ago, too, the fellow translating for Harper had a lisp and a very high voice. Odd.

And yes, Layton's translator, in stark comparison to Harper's, sounded like a caber-tossing Scot.

The format was choreographed by the network libs to cast the PM's appearance in as dim light as possible, to wit:
(i)Have the so-called moderator face the main camera throughout, and have Mr. Harper in rear profile;
(ii)Have the sissy translator for the PM, and the sonorous Scot for the milquetoast Dion;
(iii)Have Dizzy Lizzy right next to the PM, so she could be the most maximum disruption possible; and,
(iv)Change the usual format to a round table, which minimizes the PM's gravitas and equates the limp noodle professeur with him.

I watched the so-called debate and thought it was a disgrace... It was an ambush on PM Harper, 4 idiots of varying degrees dog-piling on the PM...Very undignified and soooo canadian, but what else could we expect when the media are the ones who dictate every aspect of the debate structure. Dion looked like he was going to shit in his pants, and didn't seem to know what the hell was going on, or why he was there. Crazy Liz is there to pile more confusion and deflect attention away from the candidate from France, or the nation of francaphones or some such nonsense...A total set-up, smear job on the PM...just so the media can dupe Canadians out east into thinking Dijon "did really well, and was the clear winner"...what a load of shit!! The MSM are a disgrace.

You just keep whistling them in, Kate, and I'll take pictures.

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