Saturday, October 04, 2008

Encore Julie, bye-bye Bernier!

The loyal readers of Dawg's Blawg might like to know that the good Doctor and I have been debating offline about l'affaire Julie Couillard et Maxime Bernier.

Consider their names. Those might have been churned out by the Harlequin Romance/Bodice-Ripper Female and Male protagonist-appellation-generator! Not only are they living, breathing archetypes of what has become designated 'the war between the genders', but they brandish the florid names to match their adventures.

We will write duelling blog posts - instead of one long post each. That will give readers a chance to share their own thoughts about the varied socio-political perpectives we'll explore.

We may toss a coin to see who will launch the friendly sparring.

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