Thursday, June 11, 2009

Try not to leave a tear on your keyboard

Kathy Shaidle is upset with me--again.

Interesting question, though, and I don't mean the pin-up genre: can we be friends with people with whom we disagree politically? I would have thought the answer was obvious--yes, of course: politics is barely more than skin-deep--but the malignant half-pint disagrees.

Comments? Personal accounts are particularly welcome.

UPDATE: The ultimate accolade.

UPPERDATE: (June 12) "
Kathy Shaidle, a Canadian wingnut of imperfect renown who attempts an expert dismount from the high horse and ends up flailing limb over limb into a folding refreshments table covered with Dixie cups of Haterade." I wish I'd said that. [H/t reader "Navvy"]

1 comment:

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