Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pay attention.

Stay calm. Be brave. Wait for the signs.

And I would add, pay attention when another Progressive Blogger asks you to follow a news story.

From Crazy Bitches R Us:
Now a severe flu, likely the H1N1 has hit a First Nation. As you can see in this story, the First Nation only hatched together a pandemic plan after ths flu hit. Why? Well, it's difficult for a First Nation to pull together a pandemic plan, not only because of the lack of health services and professionals, but because jurisdictional disputes between federal departments (Health Canada and INAC) and between federal and provincial/territorial governments as well. These disputes prevent First Nations from accessing health care at the best of times.

Go to the blogsite, read the whole post, (which includes a news item from Manitoba) and please do as the author requested: write to your MP even if she or he is not a member of Stephen Harper's government.

The CBC also has the news item.

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