Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pigs on horseback

We now can confirm why RCMP officers visited Robert Dziekanski's hometown in Poland this past April. It was a classic blame-the-victim fishing expedition.

Four RCMP officers killed the unarmed man in the Vancouver Airport last year. The Mounties lied about it afterwards. Inquiries are on-going, thanks to a quick-witted cellphone user who got the whole miserable episode on video. But the fix, as I reported earlier, has apparently been in from the start, with an orchestrated containment strategy and back-channel reassurances to the officers involved.

The purpose of the RCMP junket was quite simply to dig up as much dirt as possible on the victim, precisely as POGGE predicted last November. This has produced a strong reaction in his home town, where he was laid to rest last Saturday. If there is any justice, it should produce a bigger one here in Canada.

Are there as-yet unplumbed depths to which the wretched, discredited, horribly broken RCMP has not sunk? Disband. It. Now.


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