Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Fewer than one million attend Rideau Hall protest

In fact, about four hundred (and I checked the estimate with two police officers on the scene). Grassroots? Only in a drought. A small, badly organized two-hour protest drew a bus or two from Toronto, Guelph and Brampton, but the message was plain, even to the protesters. "I thought there'd be more people here," a Catholic high school teacher said to a friend.

The glory days of thousands of "pro-life" protesters on Parliament Hill, or forming human chains on the streets of Ottawa, are well and truly over. This time a small knot of people listened to one or two speeches and a bagpiper, and was asked by the MC, well before the first hour of the protest was done, to "mingle," because it was planned to "go on until 2 o'clock."

Here are a couple of other photos:

Some young university males, here to tell women what's best for them.

A referendum? Er, no we don't. Whatever gave you that idea?

In breaking news, one more person has returned his snowflake, through his wife. Mr. Gilbert Finn, 87, is apparently "unavailable to speak to the media." And a nun is "mulling" whether she should do the same. Still a few flakes less than a ball, folks.

As I said--the war's over.

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