Sunday, January 13, 2008

Holocaust in Alberta!!!

Well, despite reliable information to that effect, maybe not.

Folks, I'm pleased to break it to you:

Ezra Levant was not dragged, summoned, compelled or otherwise forced to appear before a thug, a Kommissar, an Inquisitor or a "sleeze-drone," (whatever the hell the last one is--sounds oddly erotic) in a Star Chamber, an Inquisition or a kangaroo court.

Nor were filthy, blood-caked jackboots anywhere in evidence, at least not in Ezra Levant's interminable videos.

A citizen laid a complaint: the Alberta Human Rights Commission is doing a preliminary investigation to see if the complaint should go forward. (My bet is it won't. It certainly shouldn't.)

Levant didn't even have to appear--he could have sent a letter. But it's hard to post letters on YouTube. A letter just doesn't convey his crucifixion martyrdom astounding bravery heroism pretentious huffing and puffing like a live performance.

Nice to see he's attracted a suitable audience for his one-man sit-com. All we need now is canned laughter.

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