Thursday, January 03, 2008

Five feet of lies

Progressives don't really care about the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon -- lots of them cheered that day. But they sure don't hesitate to use 9/11 (or the Holocaust, something else the anti-semitic Left shrugs off) as a metaphor generator, to dramatize pressing issues like (imaginary) attacks on abortion clinics, or the horrors of chicken farming.

Oy, gevalt.
Where does one start with this latest smelly addition to what has grown to be a steaming mountain of lies from our very favourite troll-blogger? (And, yes, I admit it, she just caught another fishie.) This stuff comes as trippingly off her forked tongue as snark from Canadian Cynic. It's fluent, effortless, artistic in its artlessness. She just doesn't give a damn any more, if she ever did. I'm rather glad she gave up on Catholicism: it must have offered some respite to the local priests if she took the sacrament of confession seriously. Proverbs 6:17 is pretty clear on the sin of lying.

Bad enough, although frankly not terribly wounding, to be accused at her place of calling her a "Nazi." I can't recall calling Kathy anything, in fact, other than a "Bible-thumper" in my early blogging days before I learned tact, although I've gone after her ideological manias from time to time, most notably her flirtation (which seems to have developed into a full-blown affair) with the genetic racialists of the far right.

But let's examine this amazing paragraph of falsehoods, starting with the "(imaginary) attacks on abortion clinics." S
ince 1977, there have been seven murders, 17 attempted murders, 41 bombings, 100 butyric acid attacks, 656 anthrax threats, and 175 arsons including a recent incident in New Mexico. That's one hell of a lot of imaginary attacks.

Then her filthy lie about 9/11. "Lots of [progressives] cheered that day." Who, exactly? Name one "progressive" who cheered attacks on civilians, whether here or over there.

And who is the "anti-semitic Left" that "shrugs off" the Holocaust? I can name several of her political co-religionists who do Holocaust-denial to a fare-thee-well, and perhaps I might even make reference to her comments about her arch-nemesis Richard Warman, who attacks anti-Semites and Holocaust-deniers and gets pummelled for his pains, but left-wingers? Not so much.

Finally, OK, PETA was over the top with its use of the Holocaust (I say this as an unreconstructed carnivore), but they weren't the first to play that game.

Some targets are just too easy, including this one, but I'm busy procrastinating, so, folks, forgive me. And Kathy--I like lots of butter, a sprinking of salt and pepper, and a pinch of fines herbes. Now, someone get this darned hook out of my mouth.

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