Friday, October 26, 2007

Spot the difference

First, what do these men have in common? Randy Hillier blockaded the 401 to protest what he saw as unfair treatment of Eastern Ontario farmers.

Aboriginal rights activist Shawn Brant shut down Highway 2 near Deseronto, and blockaded a railway line, to protest the treatment of Native people across this great land.

But at this point, the stories diverge. Hillier ran for John Tory's Conservatives in Ontario, and is now an MPP. And the Crown is seeking twelve years in prison for Shawn Brant, presently out on bail under onerous bail conditions that include the abrogation of his Charter right to protest.

The Liberals sure got upset about Randy Hillier during the Ontario election campaign. Well, they're partisan. But they played "spot the difference" on highway blockades and the men who do 'em, and found one. Can readers find another one?

H/t Big City Lib

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