Saturday, October 20, 2007

Ka tīmata te tohenga i te Aotearoa...

...the resistance begins in New Zealand. (Sounds better in te reo Māori, doesn't it?)

A lot of kids turned out for the hikoi. One of the troubling aspects of the police raids was the armed boarding of a schoolbus.

Meanwhile, in Auckland... (H/t Ana)

[Background here. H/t Candace for the prompt in the comments.]

UPDATE: (October 20) "A "highly-placed source" and "well-placed insiders" reveal a "multi-pronged plot" by, well, the entire New Zealand Left, by the sound of it:

You would have had Tuhoe carrying out attacks on their selected targets, animal rights groups targeting their lot and the so-called `peace freaks' carrying out their acts.

Funny how the anonymous sources leaked this stuff to a garish "National Enquirer" type tabloid.

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