Tuesday, October 12, 2010

To All BT's: Get Yer UN Talking Point Here!

So before our conservative friends recover from their shock and get their talking points from Hivemind Central, let's guess what they're going to say about Canada's humiliating rejection by the United Nations.

1) Despite the frantic last-minute scrambling and speechifying Harper has put in over the last month, we really didn't want to be part of their poopy old Security Council anyway.

2) This was actually a strategic rebuke from Canada, craftily engineered by Harper to protest the UN's clear hatred of Israel.

3) It was clearly a fix on the part of that Islamist, democracy-hating cesspool, Portugal.

4) Good. This leaves us freer to ignore the UN Declaration on Indigenous Peoples, the UN request to lead a Congo mission, UN Human Rights recommendations, and all the other inconvenient stuff we would have had to pretend to take seriously.

5) It was all Michael Ignatieff's fault.

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