Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Millions of complaints received about the Harper government?

(DawgNews, Ottawa, October 6.) DawgNews has learned that literally millions of people allegedly expressed various concerns about the Harper Conservative government in 2008--but the documentary evidence has been destroyed.

In a shocking admission, an official of Elections Canada,
who spoke under a guarantee of anonymity, stated: "We don't keep the paper. Once all is said and done, we record only the tallies."

A government official, who spoke under a similar guarantee, pooh-poohed the suggestion that there was wide dissatisfaction with the Harper administration, then or now. "We haven't received any complaints, in fact," he said, "except during Question Period, but that's all for show as you're well aware."

Asked about current polls, which appear to place the Liberals within striking distance of forming their own minority government, Opposition Leader Michael Ignatieff said, "To be honest, I can't actually confirm whether any of this reflects dissatisfaction with Harper's performance, as I once perhaps inadvisedly said, or just means that some people like other parties better."

Prime Minister Harper urged any "confused Canadians" to approach him directly if they had a "question of some kind about this or that." Once again, however, he expressed his confidence in the Canadian people.

"We won't be dissolving it and electing a new one anytime soon," he said. "But even one complaint could be enough to make us act on principle," he warned.

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