Friday, October 08, 2010

Stuff from the world of climate science

A couple of points to start your long weekend.

First, probably very few remember the National Academies of Science hearing into climate reconstructions. In it a Dr. Wegman produced a report critical of Dr. Mann's paleoreconstruction. Well, after a lot of digging by volunteers, it turned out that there are a number of significant errors in the Wegman report. How significant? Well, George Mason University seems to be taking it seriously. My hat's off to John Mashey and Deep Climate for their digging. It will be interesting to see how this goes. Of course if they exonerate Wegman, I will claim that it was all a whitewash, I've seen how its done!

The second is a presentation from the TED talks. If you are not aware of these talks, they are very good and there is something in there to interest anyone. I found this one to be an interesting look at economic futures and global warming.

A good weekend to everyone and (unless you are a turkey) a good time to be thankful for what you / we have.

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