Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sebastien Togneri, the senior ministerial aide who ordered the "unrelease" of a sensitive document last July that might have cast a negative light on the Harper government, testified before the House of Commons ethics committee today.

He was reportedly less than impressive
--bumblingly hesitant and unclear in his answers. Conservative MP Greg Rickford (Kenora) to the rescue! Magic word!

[He] took committee chair Paul Szabo to task for the general tone of the hearing, which Mr. Rickford said had been “politicized.” Then he mentioned the money that went missing a decade ago in the Liberal sponsorship scandal.

It is not reported whether or not the Liberals on the committee instantly disappeared in a puff of smoke. Not that they don't routinely do that anyway, of course.

[H/t Chucker Canuck]

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