Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Casual sadism

Torturing the disabled in America.

This is what the kindly folks at the Judge Rotenberg Center call "therapy":

Behaviors that the center deemed "aggressive," as well as those considered "minor," or "non-compliant" -- such as raising one's hand without permission -- are all considered punishable by electric shocks, restraints, and other punishments to students.

"One girl who was blind, deaf and non-verbal was moaning and rocking," a former teacher says in the report. "Her moaning was like a cry. The staff shocked her for moaning. Turned out she had broken a tooth. Another child had an accident in the bathroom and was shocked."

Perhaps the worst part of this is that it's been public knowledge for years. And that people are actually having to go to the United Nations to stop it.

I guess we now have a good idea where School of the Americas dropouts find work.

[H/t L-girl]

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