Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Just to save them the trouble...

...since the proverbial cat seems to have got their tongues, I've taken the liberty of making their comments on Raitt-gate for them.

1) I see that the Liberals and the NDP are making a lot of noise about my friend the Honourable Lisa Raitt. She didn't do anything wrong and how many of them don't talk like that in private. I am proud of HMPM Stephen Harper for standing up against these bulies.

2) The compassionate left...standing in line to attack women. What I gotta know is...are they envious or just being themselves...or is there a difference?

3) As if the Liberals never had their asshole hands in the cookiejar and said some things they would regret if their enemies dropped documents and tapes all over the fricken place. Why don't they all just die.

4) The Liberals are at it again and the Old Media, I solemnly accuse, is a willing, co-conspiring (yes, conspiring!) party to another treasonous attack of unprecedented historic magnitude. Think I'm nuts to be saying this stuff? Prove it.

5) Lisa Raitt was always against the kangaroo courts called human rights commissions, where free speech is regularly silenced, rules of evidence don't exist, and complainants get an all-expenses-paid ride while respondents are faced with crippling costs. I'm still on the road, selling my book by the barrow-load yesterday to admiring crowds in Carp, Ontario. I have to admire the young fellow who drove in from Ottawa to shake my hand warmly and tell me he wanted to see Human Rights Commissions abolished outright, and something done about galloping Islamism in Canada. Tomorrow I'm a guest of the Royal Canadian Legion in Pakenham.

6) I will be on Right Radio on Tuesday, talking about the lawsuits against me and my fellow-bloggers, and my new book. Mark Steyn will be calling in briefly. Who's Lisa Raitt, anyway?

No, no prizes. Too easy.

UPDATE: More from CC.

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