Friday, June 26, 2009

Abdelrazik: an American visitor [updated]

Details are sketchy at the moment, but it appears that Abousfian Abdelrazik, scheduled to return to Canada on Saturday afternoon, was questioned by a US official at the Canadian Embassy today.

Abdelrazik's lawyer, Yavar Hameed, was only able to confirm that his client had been asked about his condition. How odd: the Embassy inviting an American official into the building to ask after Abdelrazik's health.

Hameed is understandably nervous that no assurances have been given by Foreign Affairs with respect to prevention measures in case of an attempt to intercept his client on the way to the Khartoum airport or during the course of the trip, whose details are being kept secret.

I don't know whether he's overblowing this or not. But I, for one, won't breathe easily until Abdelrazik steps off the plane in Toronto. I understand he feels the same way. Slip. Cup. Lip.

UPDATED: (June 26) Looks like Hameed's fears are not entirely unfounded. Wheels within wheels--is Foreign Affairs going to make good, or is it going to renege because of (American) "reticence," or is it actively complicit in some attempt to intercept Abdelrazik--another case of "extraordinary rendition?"

Stay tuned. My eyes are glued to the set at this point. Try to imagine how Abdelrazik feels at the moment.

[H/t Frank Frink]

UPPERDATE: (June 26, 10:57) Abdelrazik has cleared the first hurdle.

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