Saturday, June 13, 2009

Editorial: white fright

Now that a vicious white killer has had her appeal rejected by the Supreme Court of Canada, it's time for a little soul-searching, is it not?

Recall that recently four other white teens were found guilty of microwaving a cat, and two more, of torturing a dog. And still two more whites have recently been accused of horrific crimes--kidnapping, rape and murder--against a little girl. The list goes on and on, almost without end.

We need to realize that some cultures are just--better than others. You don't see this sort of thing happening in Japan or China. It's unknown in Pelau or Tonga or Vanuatu. It's unheard of in Mauritius, Samoa and Nauru.

Only when we start educating our children to be responsible, sober members of the wider society will we put an end to this epidemic of white crime. Sequestered as we are in our large ghettoes, we are failing, dismally, to live up to the standards and values of the country that we dare to call home.

I call upon the leaders of the white community to do something, without delay, about this fast-spreading epidemic of violence and cruelty in our midst. Their inaction, up to now, is our shame.

We have to face the matter squarely, stop making excuses and take responsibility. It's not affirmative action that's causing this. It's not Human Rights Commissions. It's not the Liberals and their multiculturalism, although that certainly helped to build walls around us.

No, i
f there's finger-pointing to be done, we should be pointing at ourselves. Only we can solve the problems in our own house. And we'd best act quickly before yet more innocents are harmed.

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