Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday bits and pieces

A few stray threads in life's rich pattern. Then I really must get some work done, with some forays into comboxes, mind you.

  • Downturn in Dubai. Foreigners flee the emirate in droves to avoid debtors' prisons.The airport has become a huge used car lot, some of the vehicles containing notes of apology and maxed-out credit cards.

  • Now God, stand up for (Fascist) bastards! [Via JJ] A disruptive student sues everyone in sight after a professor stops him in the middle of a homophobic rant with a memorable phrase that makes me feel positively nostalgic.

  • Bleeding fingernails: the Coleman saga continues. But could the Minnesota Senatorial election be a tie?

  • Graft in Iraq: who knew? An investigation is underway. All that and one million dead Iraqis. Oh, and Blackwater. And Abu Ghraib. And Haditha. Suck air and grab clusters, Iraqi survivors, knowing that you "have been about as thoroughly liberated as it is possible for a [people and a country] to be."

  • Where is running in an election undemocratic? Why, in Venezuela, of course. Hugo Chávez wants the right to run for a third term (or more), and the Venezuelans are voting today in a referendum that would allow that. A third term? Undemocratic! Are you listening, Mr. Harper?

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