Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Butt out, Sarko!

Ugh. Once more Sarkozy has stuck his oar where he has no business.

Worse, by doing so he has attracted a disturbing expression of man-love from Jonathan Kay - no less.

While I am neither Québecoise nor souverainiste, I was greatly irritated by Sarkozy's ignorant remarks then infuriated by the spin provided by some of the Rest of Canada media, the most inane being Kay's.

The president of France launched into his spiel of ill-advised notions after a ceremony which bestowed upon Quebec Premier Jean Charest a commander of the Legion of Honour medal.

Today J.K. Rowling was awarded a chevalier de la Légion; the president of France wisely refrained from providing her with new story lines to extend Harry Potter's adventures. After all, why take the risk that Carla might find a véritable horny toad in her bedsheets tomorrow morning?

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