Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday bits and pieces

Work has caught up with me today, so just a few over-the-top-and-off-the-wall items, if I may:

Tinfoil shortage expected. Now that the Privacy Commissioner has exonerated the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its staff from any wrongdoing in the matter of alleged misuse of WiFi communications, some of the Speech Warriors™ have begun to flail, because that's really all that's left to them at this point. Clearly the Privacy Commissioner is now part of the plot against free speech. But only stunned silence so far from Warrior Chief Ezra Levant, who seems more interested in Chinese food at the moment. Go figure.

Israel mans up. No more pussyfooting around--"disproportionate" is no longer an accusation, but a boast. Expect more of this, and no steenkin' apologies, either.

No littering. And that means you. [H/t]

Understatement of 2009. Confident prediction: this one will not be beat. No, wait...

Now, duty calls.

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