Friday, May 07, 2010

Lancing Stephen Harper

The UK's venerable medical journal The Lancet has taken a deep slash at our Prime Minister for his hypocrisy on the abortion issue.

This is worth framing:

70 000 women die from unsafe abortions worldwide every year. The Canadian Government does not deprive women living in Canada from access to safe abortions; it is therefore hypocritical and unjust that it tries to do so abroad. Although the country's decision only affects a small number of developing countries where abortion is legal, bans on the procedure, which are detrimental to public health, should be challenged by the G8, not tacitly supported. Canada and the other G8 nations could show real leadership with a final maternal health plan that is based on sound scientific evidence and not prejudice.

I have nothing to add, except that, once again, our country is getting an international black eye thanks to a Prime Minister who is more interested, as the Globe & Mail's John Ibbitson observes today, in pandering to his base--and to his own worst instincts.

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