Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Harper's revenge

Senator Nancy Ruth was right. Not that staying quiet can be a serious option--as she knows full well, she herself being a case in point--but that our vicious government will retaliate when criticized.

This is news?

Eleven* women's groups have had their funding terminated by the Harper regime in the past two weeks alone. You can almost hear Charles McVety, Harper's very own Cardinal Richelieu, chuckling.

"Hidden agenda?"
Harper's hateful agenda has never been hidden. Whether it's gay pride, church charities deemed too critical of Israel, women's programs or equity-seeking advocacy groups, the on-going purge by the Conservatives began almost as soon as Harper came to power in 2006. It's been all bully, smear and punish ever since.

How far does Harper's mask have to slip before we stop acting surprised and shocked, and start organizing? If the Cons get themselves a majority, we can take it as guaranteed that a fertilized ovum will soon have more rights than Canadian women--just for starters.

As the old joke ran, somebody once had to explain to creationist Stockwell Day that The Flintstones isn't a documentary. Now--and it's no joke--it's high time to let Harper and his buddy McVety know that The Handmaid's Tale isn't a user manual.

*The number has now apparently risen to fourteen.

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