Monday, April 19, 2010

Torture: a conservative value

Don't take my word for it. Craig Smith, aka "ferrethouse," a moderator at Blogging Tories, has this to say on the subject, referring to an apparently heretical member of the blogroll:

Against the death penalty?
Supports gun control?
Against stricter immigration laws?
Opposes torture?

I'm fairly certain that this guy gets 95% of his traffic from Blogging Tories and he slags the values that most Blogging Tories members support.
[emphases added]

And, for the record, Smith is also a huge supporter of Lebensborn policies. (That's what they used to be called, back in the good old days.)

In other news, two Blogging Tories have called for the overthrow of the government "by any means necessary" if Omar Khadr wins his lawsuit against Ottawa for Charter rights violations. Set aside the obvious necessity for a Civics 101 remedial tutorial (the judiciary is not the executive, something I thought the recent SCC ruling on Khadr had made abundantly clear). Is open sedition really something the Blogging Tories are now countenancing?

Are there, indeed, any standards for Blogging Tory membership?

You tell me, Stephen Taylor.

[H/t x 2 to CC, who reads this stuff so you don't have to]

UPDATE: (H/t reader Terrence) And readers of Moose and Squirrel fall to with a will. One advocates sexual assault: "I say put him in a Canadian prison and I guarantee he’ll be touched daily" (to which Natasha retorts, "I like your sentiment," but opines that an American prison would be better for that). Another prefers "a rope and woodchipper." Imagine what they'd be saying if young Khadr had actually been found guilty of anything.

UPPERDATE: (April 22) I am reliably informed that "Blazing Cat Fur" is not a Blogging Tory. To be on the safe side, I hereby apologize to BCF and to Stephen Taylor.

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