Thursday, April 01, 2010

I'll see your scientist and raise you

I stand by my prediction about the results of the Science and Technology Select Committee but just wanted to add a data point. In the comments, the point was raised that The dissenting member was the only member with a science background.

I was curious about this comment so I did a bit of digging around when I got a chance. There were 4 MPs on the committee who looked at this topic. The dissenting view was made by MP Graham Stringer who does indeed have a BSc. (hons) in chemistry and who worked in the field for a while.

The other members are:
Tim Boswell: Mr. Boswell has a degree in Classics and a diploma in agricultural economics. While not science related, the association with agriculture in encouraging.

Evan Harris: Dr. Harris has a fairly extensive educational background and completed his medical training from Oxford Medical School and qualified as a medical doctor. Not directly related to climate change but still indicating a fairly high level of scientific understanding.

Brian Iddon: Dr. Iddon appears to be the scientist of the group. He received a BSc degree in Chemistry as well as a PhD in Organic chemistry and DSc for his work in Heterocyclic Organic Chemistry. He went on to work at a University for a number of years.

So in fact all the politicians have a better science background than I had feared. I would say that three of them have a solid science background. But the one who is obviously the most experienced scientist on the committee is Dr. Iddon. So to bring closure - no the dissenting opinion is not the only scientist or even the "best" scientist on the committee.

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