Friday, December 04, 2009


Christie Blatchford suffers a major blow to her credibility.

This morning, the Globe and Mail formally retracted statements made in her infamous column of November 28, in which she had sneered at Richard Colvin for being outside the wire in Kandahar only once for a brief period, and had also "quoted" him as saying that Kandahar prison seemed “to be in reasonably good condition,” and that prisoners got “enough food.”

For some reason this correction does not appear to be on-line*, but here it is, from the print edition:

Comments released to a parliamentary committee this week about Afghanistan's Khandahar prison that the facility seemed "to be in reasonably good condition" and that inmates got "enough food" were misattributed to Canadian diplomat Richard Colvin. In fact, the comments were made by an unknown third party and quoted by Mr. Colvin in an e-amil. Mr. Colvin made several trips, not one, outside the military base in Khandahar. Incorrect information appeared in a column November 28.


UPDATE: And ouch again. [H/t Scott Tribe.]

*It is now. [H/t reader Navvy.]

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