Tuesday, December 02, 2008

BQ to the Senate?

Fox News North's Mike Duffy interviews a bitter Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lawrence Cannon, who claims that the coalition would be the first unelected government ever, showing a weak grasp of history; and that what is happening now is a coup d'état, showing an even weaker grasp of Canadian constitutional matters. But then the hot rumour:

The Bloc Québécois have allegedly been promised six seats in the Senate.


Not that anything would surprise me at the moment, but this seems beyond credible. If it's true, though, Duffy may for once
have hit the nail on the head when he blurted incredulously, "What is this, this sounds like a retirement plan."

Yup. Potentially troublesome allies? Put them in a safe place where they can do no harm to themselves or others. A place that their own party believes shouldn't even exist. A Senate sinecure instead of a Cabinet post? Why not?

It will be interesting to run this particular rumour to ground, in any case.

UPDATE: Cannon's grasp of history and the constitution is matched only by his awareness of current Senate vacancies. Thanks to astute commenter Janine for pointing out that Quebec at present has only four Senate spots available. Sorry, readers, for not checking yesterday. Mea culpa.

More on this in my next post.

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