Sunday, December 14, 2008

Behold the face of the RepubliCons' perfect female.

"She can work 24 hours, no break, no pay and she won't ask for a raise," he says. "That's okay for a home budget." Also perfect for reactionary and retrograde Con ideologues.

Le Trung is an inventor who has been tinkering with robot technology since he was is Grade 3. Last week an article in the Globe and Mail covered his latest creation. Trung foresees that
Project Aiko, .... could lead to humanoid helpers for hospitals, retirement homes and even airports.
Does that not fit in beautifully with Harper RepubliCons' ploy to cancel pay equity for women? Many of the legal challenges regarding pay equity have been launched with respect to job categories, often in those employment areas that require little educational training but demand a lot of dedication, often in difficult and sometimes dangerous working conditions.

Pay equity was abolished from CPC policy at the November convention in Winnipeg. Its removal from government policy was fast-tracked and it became part of Finance Minister Flaherty's disastrous economic update.

Note that while some elements from Flaherty's contentious proposal were removed, the gutting of pay equity has remained on the table.

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