Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Craig Murray mirror sites

The truth is out there.

h/t LFCM:

Currently the following mirror sites have Craig Murray's documents, as a UK injunction looms:

Dahr Jamail
The Iraq Memo
The Torture Telegram
Many Angry Gerbils
Politics in the Zeros
Duncan Mcfarlane
James Cranch
Adrbaz (German)
Pickled Politics
An Oxford Mirror
Ministry of Truth (US)
Septic Isle
Voltaire Net

LFCM provides interesting information on .torrent files as well--copyright law, it seems, has been left in the dust.

UPDATE: (July 12) Tony Blair's bully-boys have forced Craig Murray to remove some of the documents from his site. In his words:

New Labour are not as stupid as they seem. I have now had a chance to take legal advice, and that advice is as follows. To defend this case would cost the price of a London house. I don't have a house, in London or anywhere else. I am therefore obliged to give in to force majeure and remove some of the documents from my own site. This reeking government is therefore able to mask its stink on this particular miniscule corner of the internet.

Here is another piece of legal advice I received. Copyright cases cover one instance of publication in one place. Anyone else who has published any government documents that might be Crown Copyright, or not, (and I believe there are hundreds of thousands of documents on the web on which the government could, by the argument in Mr Buttrill's letter, claim copyright), is an individual case and can wait to hear from Mr Buttrill.

Force Majeure wields a two-edged sword.

More mirror-sites have popped up here, here and here.

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